Scrubbing Bubbles® Automatic Shower Cleaner 

Do you hate cleaning the toilet? It can be the most disgusting task in the house. Might not be the most difficult task, but it is never ending. Wouldn't it be nice to remove yourself from toilet-cleaning duty?

Introducing Scrubbing Bubbles® One-Step toilet bowl cleaner—the toilet system that works hard to keep your toilet clean and smelling fresh so you don't have to!

The powerful cleaner tackles tough stains like toilet rings, hard water marks and limescale – and helps keep them away. Simply clip the nozzle over the rim inside the bowl—it securely fits all types of toilet bowls. Then effortlessly spray the bowl with the tap of the foot pedal and walk away! The 360 degree sprayer will cover the complete bowl, even under the rim.

Scrubbing Bubbles® One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner 
  • The benefits of the Scrubbing Bubbles® One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner:

    • Powerful cleaner tackles toilet rings, hard water marks, and limescale
    • Just step & spray
    • 360 degree sprayer cleans the complete bowl, even under the rim
    • Refill lasts up to 30 days (when used as instructed)
    • No batteries required
    • Device Set-up
      1. Set base of the device on the floor.
      2. Attach action sprayer to toilet rim.
      3. Move spray head up or down on the clip until the plastic ledge fits snugly under the rim. Level the action sprayer inside toilet rim. Attach hose to side of clip. The suction cup should rest on the outside of the toilet bowl. It’s not necessary for the suction cup to stick to the outside of the bowl.
      4. Insert a new refill into the base, and then press the can down until you hear a click.
      5. Place white sleeve over the refill. (The device can be used with or without the sleeve.)
      6. Step on foot pedal for one second to dispense—unit will spray as long as the pedal remains depressed.

      Refill Replacement:
      1. Remove white sleeve and set aside. Do not throw away.
      2. Remove can by squeezing the two clips, then pull the can out of the device.
      3. Insert a new refill into the device, press can down firmly until you hear it click.
      4. Place white sleeve over the refill.
      5. Step on the foot pedal for 1 second to activate the unit.
  • This product works great on:

    • Toilet Bowls
    1. Should I flush immediately after spraying?

      For best results, do not flush the toilet after spraying to allow the formula to tackle the toilet stains like hard water and limescale.

    2. How long will the refill last?

      The refill lasts up to 30 days when used as directed.

    3. Is the Scrubbing Bubbles® One-Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner okay to use around children and pets?

      When used according to label directions, this product can be used with confidence in a home with children or pets. The bowl water is not harmful to children or pets; however, for sanitary reasons, we do not recommend that pets regularly drink water from the toilet. We do recommend keeping the toilet seat lid in the down position when the toilet is not in use. As is the case with all cleaning products, we recommend you keep out of reach of children.

    4. What is included with the Scrubbing Bubbles® One-Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner Starter Kit?

      The Scrubbing Bubbles® One-Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner Starter Kit includes:

      • 1 Device (Base, Sprayer and Reusable Sleeve)
      • 1 Refill Can (510 g)
  • To activate, simply step on the pedal for 1 second. This releases powerful cleaners that spray from the action sprayer, covering the entire toilet bowl—even under the rim. Used 2 times a day the cleaner helps keep the toilet clean and fresh … tackling stains like hard water marks, limescale and toilet rings. The cleaner also has a fresh, clean scent.

    Used according to directions, a refill can lasts up to 30 days.